african gods


The book

African societies operate on a balance between the real and the supernatural, the visible and the invisible, the world of spirits and of the gods. It is crucial to understand this interaction between men and the gods to understand African society, even in contemporary times. To resolve problems, one calls to the gods; to
fight evil, one must pray or sacrifice an animal. On earth, those who represent the other world are holders of immense power. This is the case of witch-doctors, sorcerers, magicians, healers and prophets. Not only the guardians of tradition, they are also doctors, priests, exorcists, actors, teachers. These are the pillars of society who incarnate the African soul.

This second book by Daniel Lainé presents photo portraits of these men and women in action, during rituals, exorcisms, dances, magic spells in Benin, Gabon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, South Africa and Cameroon.

The author(s)
Winner of the Villa Médicis Prize in 1988 for his Rois d’Afrique (Arthaud, 2001), Daniel Lainé now regularly contributes to numerous magazines including Géo as a freelance photographer.



publication date: September 2007

format: 250 x 250 mm
pages: 168
illustrations: 130
binding: Hardbound with jacket
words: 10 000